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From South London and based in Berlin - Leah is a Serbian/Montenegrin/Italian/British queer female independent artist whose practice spans dramaturgy, choreography, performance, rehearsal directing, writing, teaching, curation and mentorship.


Leah teaches regularly for:

Play for Progress - a charity based in Croydon for unaccompanied minor refugees

La Made School, Bordeaux, France

Scottish Dance Theatre

Greenwich Dance, London

and has led workshops / classes / rehearsal directed for:

Sasha Waltz Company & Guests, Berlin

Siobhan Davies Studio, London

Gorki Theatre, Berlin

Pre-Professional Year, Sydney Dance Company, Australia

Skånes Dansteater, Malmö, Sweden

Pau Aran Gimeno

Junior Ballet de Genève, Switzerland

CCA, Glasgow

b12 Festival, Berlin
Shawbrook, Ireland
Wainsgate Chapel, Hebden Bridge, UK
Moving East, London
CAT scheme, Nottingham and London
Shift Youth Dance Company, The Place, London
Rambert School of Dance, London
Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, UK
North Shore Dance Academy, Sydney, Australia

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