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Do you feel the same


Do you feel the same articulates a sculptural-performative constellation powered by collective imagination, inviting visitors to connect and float through multiple lines and curves. Allongé stretches through bodies and conversation, as we think together about how we access and affect the world and one another. These collaboratively generated reflections draw upon a pool of memory that blurs the distinctions between individual and collective, intimate and generic. Physical and relational extension is used to find connection beyond our dominant modes of perception. The fleeting sculptural and gestural situations that unfold question and reveal a porosity, an ambiguity between the intimate and the impersonal, interiority and exteriority, waking life and dreams, to come to dwell in the space between what is hidden, what is shared, what is one’s own and what is common.

Visual Art: Fanny Gicquel
Choreography: Alice Heyward

Performance at AUSUFERN_21 hosted by Uferstudios Berlin

Alice Heyward, Lulu Obermayer, Fanny Gicquel, Thanos Frydas, Leah Marojevic

Performance at HUA International, Berlin 2021
Thanos Frydas, Mickey Mahar, Luísa Saraiva, Leah Marojevic and Leah Katz

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