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This Bright Field

Top 10 Dance - Observer critics' review of 2017 - Luke Jennings’s best dance of 2017
'...Leah Marojevic in This Bright Field by Theo Clinkard. Shockingly joyful.'

"There is no hierarchy in play here, but an extended solo by Leah Marojević offers a rush of sheer delight. Halting and stuttering, falling and turning, blissfully serene in her nakedness, Marojević transmits a fallible and unmediated joy that is surely the essence of Clinkard’s intention." - The Guardian Observer ****

"Before long, the theme of the gaze becomes apparent, as the captivating Leah Marojević and Stephanie McMann sit alone, twitching: an installation illuminated as their fellow performers observe them from the shadows. The following chapter is arguably even more primal. A nude Marojevic writhes and stumbles, a naturalistic comment on a material world, accompanied by a scrunched foil bedding of sorts. She bites and hits herself; gestures of bodily dissatisfaction." - Charlotte Constable, Southeastdance

Concept, direction and design: Theo Clinkard
Artistic Collaboration: Leah Marojević
Realisation and performance: Leah Marojević, Stephanie McMann, Meri Pajunpää, Natalie Corne, Crystal Zillwood, Temitope Ajose-Cutting, Luke Divall, Mathieu Geffre, Nick Coutsier, Colas Lucot, Pau Aran Gimeno, Sam Kennedy (Antonin Rioche, original cast)
Sound composition and performance: James Keane
Vocals: Archie Keane
Lighting design: Guy Hoare
Costumes: Rike Zöllner


Of Land and Tongue

"The dancers are uniformly excellent, with Leah Marojevic, in particular, emerging as an awesome talent." - The Guardian Observer ****

Choreography / Design: Theo Clinkard             
Composition / Music: James Keane       
Lighting Design: Guy Hoare     
Performance: Sofie Burgoyne, Leah Marojević, Francis Christeller, James Keane, Camilla Brogård-Andersen, Luke Divall
Costumes: Wolf and Gypsy Vintage

Ordinary Courage

Choreography / Costume / Set Design: Theo Clinkard
Perfomance: (cast of 6) Leah Marojević, Luke Divall, Sofie Burgoyne, Francis Christeller, Theo Clinkard, Camilla Brogaard Andersen, Helka Kaski, Charlie Morrisey, Maho Ihara, Laila Diallo, Adam Blanch, Margarita Zafrilla, Alessandra Ruggeri.
Light Artist: Zerlina Hughes
Score: Scarletti performed by Clíodna Shanahan
Sound: Alan Stones



For The Talent Hub; a professional development programme for dance artists from the North East of England and Yorkshire with a learning disability or autism.

Concept, Direction and Design: Theo Clinkard
Realisation and Performance: The dancers
Artistic Collaboration: Leah Marojević
Costumes: Sophie Donaldson
Music: Fuzzy Jones + Liina Turtonen
Lighting Design: Michael Morgan


somewhat still when seen from above

“The dancers perform with a radiant precision, but it is in the transcendent thread of the Vaughan Williams solo that Clinkard encapsulates the double dynamic of his choreography, drawing us into the intimacy of the dancers’ interactions, but also imposing a distance, as if observing from a bird’s-eye view. Sitting in the packed theatre, I doubt I was the only one to imagine the spirit of Bausch was observing them, too.” - The Guardian


Commission from Tanztheatre Wuppertal Pina Bausch Neue Stucke 2015
Choreography and stage design: Theo Clinkard
Aristic Collaboration: Leah Marojević
Sound: James Keane
Costume: Rike Zöllner
Performance: Pina Bausch Company Dancers
Images: Detlef Erler

'somewhat still, when seen from above considered ephemerality. What might remain when so much of what we experience is in a constant state of dissapearance? What kind of imprint might we leave in the minds and bodies of others when we are no longer presenent? The work featured nine performers and nince technicians of the company and was set to an original score by James Keane which incorporated 'The Lark Ascending' performed live on solo violin. Clinkard's design for the work included a landscape of six meter almunium ladders, atop which, the technicians created an weather system of clouds.'



commission for Candoco Dance Company, 2019

Concept, Direction and Stage Design: Theo Clinkard
Realisation and performance: The Dancers
Artistic Collaboration: Leah Marojević
Lighting Design: Jackie Shemesh
Costume and Sculpture Design: Rike Zöllner
Costume Assistant: Nina Genre
Music Production: Adam Connor and Charlie Andrew
Composed by: Joe Newman


The Listening Room

'The work’s charm lies in its seeming spontaneity. It is rather like watching the weather as we see the dancers drift into a quietly private headspace or clump into riotous choruses whose music we can only imagine.' - The Guardian

Comission for Danza Contemporanea de Cuba through the British Council as part of ‘Islas Creativas’ (Creative Islands) initiative between British Council and DCC 2016

Choreography and Costume Design: Theo Clinkard
Artistic Collaboration: Leah Marojević
Performance: Danza Contemporanea de Cuba Dancers
Sound: Steve Reich 'Variations for Vibes, Pianos and Strings'
Images: Adolfo Izquierdo

'The Listening Room is a celebration of expressive and instinctive dancing. As the performers in headphones respond to an alternate soundtrack of wildly diverse music and text, the piece invites the audience to create their own relationships between what they hear and what they see.'

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